Faxing any way you want it.

Reliable and secure faxing to meet your business needs.

Demo Dashboard

Keeping Fax Simple

Our intuitive interface allows quick access to your fax contacts as well as drag-and-drop file sending functionality.

Ditch the Machine

The days of being stuck tied to a fax machine are gone. Using our cloud fax service, you no longer have to worry about lost paper, wasted time, or missing audit trails.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Start faxing in seconds. We offer features to match any enterprise but simplicity for any business size.

Advanced Features

Looking to nerd out a little? Integrate your apps directly with our API and webhooks for a seamless integration.

Keeping your Data Safe

End-to-end security to give you peace of mind. Built with industry leading security, we make sure that your data gets to it’s intended recipient. Faxes are encrypted during rest and transport and we keep thorough audit trails for faxing and authentication.  

Rest Assured

Our faxing algorithm reducing failure rates by up to 80% compared to other service providers. Using our intuitive interface, check our the status of your fax delivery at the click of a button.

A Little Something Extra

It wouldn’t be cloud without the ability to store stuff. Take advantage of our fax Drive feature to store commonly faxed files or add a new way to share documents externally. 

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